Suppliers and Service Providers

SurpriseYou connects many manufacturers and service providers that ready to fulfill our customers' desires and needs  ranging from machinery equipment to Anatolian tastes. 

Our fellows are: 

Ayintap Baklava

Gaziantep is one of the best known hub for Anatolian and Mesopotamian foods, and Ayintap Baklava is the one of the leading food producers helping to raise the prestige of that hub 


Ervey Heating, Cooling and Automation Systems

The fields of activity of the Ervey are; Chiller Groups, Air Conditioners, Roof Top, Air Handling Units, Central-Split Cold Storage Devices, Heating Cooling Appliances, Banana and Citrus Fruity Systems, Plant Germination Rooms and automation systems. Ervey produces these products based on the criteria of maximum customer satisfaction, modern, efficient and smooth operation.


Ayvos Information Technologies

AYVOS develops value-added software and automation systems based on machine learning, artificial neural networks and deep learning based image processing.